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Classes(link to each page of classes. The client will supply all information for classes/ No text from me on individual class pages.)

Vulcan’s Rest Fibers hosts a variety of classes in the fiber arts, including knitting, crocheting, weaving, basket weaving and more. Most classes meet here in our shop. Aside from our regular set of classes, at times we are able to have experts in the different crafts in to teach classes.

Knitting Classes Our knitting classes range from knitting for beginners to more advanced classes for the experienced knitter needing a little knitting help to master a new stitch or tackle a new project. These are held monthly. Extra help is available as needed. Occasionally we have well-known teachers come in for lessons: let us know if you have a great idea or contact!

Crochet Classes To learn to crochet, classes include Crochet for Beginners and a more Advanced Classwhich offers help to the student on a particular crochet project. Beginner and advanced classes are held monthly, but special arrangements can be made for additional classes or for help at other times.

Weaving Classes A variety of weaving classes are offered using different types of looms and at various skill levels. Rigid Heddle Weaving and learning to use a multi-harnessed loom are the more usual classes, however, we also offer Inkle Weaving or Triangle Loom Weaving, plus special techniques.

Spinning Classes In our spinning classes, you’ll learn how to use a drop spindle in the first session to get the idea of how the mechanics of spinning works. In the second session you learn how to use a spinning wheel, which you could rent to continue practice at home if you do not have your own wheel.

Basket Weaving ClassesIn ourBasket weaving classes we weave a specific basket pattern, however,it is hoped that each student will add their own creative touch to make that particular basket their own unique creation. We provide you with all the basket weaving supplies you need to complete the project.

We are always interested in hearing from you about what sort of classes you would like us to schedule. We can also schedule classes for larger groups. Call us at 410-885-2890 or stop by to discuss any questions you might have. Join our email list to receive information on classes or special events.

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